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John Leroux's World KarateFIT Centre is a community of committed and positive martial arts instructors and students who are striving to improve the physical, mental and social aspects of their lives. We work together to help everyone achieve their goals and become the best they are capable of becoming.

Those who choose to train at John Leroux's World KarateFIT Centre have a desire to achieve a high standard of excellence in all aspects of their lives  and are willing to commit to constant improvement.

Our martial arts instructors work to further develop this desire to improve in our students by getting them to set personal goals so their motivation to excel comes from within. To us, this is truly the best form of leadership.

We are black belt martial artists who stand tall and live strong. That's what sets us -- and our students -- apart from the crowd.

To learn more about our martial arts school...
The best way to learn more about John Leroux's World KarateFIT Centre is to make an appointment to visit us. Just call the phone number above and we'll set up a time to meet with you.

Or, you can access our online special offers by clicking here.

Another way to learn more about our martial arts school is to read our free reports on personal development or subscribe to our Life Lessons From Martial Arts Masters newsletter.

To access any of our free reports, just click on a link below:

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* Say Yes To Discipline

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