Started to learn judo and sambo in 1980. Judo black belt 2nd dan, National Judo Coach by USA Judo Organization, multiple champion and medalist of national championships in Ukraine. The coach of European judo and sambo competitions medalists. Worked in Judo, Sambo and Wrestling center, NY, own Yavara Judo gym, Odessa, Ukraine and KARA Judo, Sambo, Boxing and MMA, Houston, TX.   We provide two types of lessons: Judo Sambo MMA and Boxing. Every type differs in two age categories: kids and adults.   Any type of classes for kids concentrates more on general physical development than on fighting specifics and include stretching, aerobics, acrobatics and conditioning.   Adult’s classes focus on improvement of the combat techniques and conditioning.   Judo Sambo MMA is a judo based MMA technique that includes wrestling of judo and sambo both with and without gi and elements of boxing and Muay-Thai.   Boxing represents classical boxing defensive/offensive school for beginners + boxing related full body workout.


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