Upgrade your skills
Karate teaches motor skills and cognitive - mental and physical strengthening, coordination, concentration, ability to care diagnostics and course control response and self-defense techniques with all its consequences

Coordination, stability, balance, strengthening the body
Improved attention and concentration (focusing)
Instilling discipline and values
Sharpened intuition and creativity

Shin gi kan (The house of heart and technique) designed for students of all ages and all levels - from Beginner to Advance - and provides a great opportunity for families to share a healthy and beneficial activity that goes beyond the Dojo walls. We believe that Martial Arts mixes the best aspects of fitness training and reinforcement of family values as well as developing self defense skills. We like to think of it as Fitness with a Purpose! In addition to developing the ability to protect yourself, Martial arts training builds confidence and respect - both for yourself and for others.

Contrary to some beliefs, Martial Arts, taught correctly will not lead to aggressive behavior. The primary goal of our programs is to teach Kids and Adults how to respond correctly and with confidence when confronted with negative influences such as bullying, peer pressure and dangerous situations. They are taught the difference between fighting and sparring.

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