Join us in continuing a legacy of honor, respect, discipline and humbleness...

Our organization...
Is dedicated to providing our students with a strong foundation, a foundation of respect, honor, discipline, kindness, and
compassion.  Through Karate, our students will learn a tradition of principles that will help guide them throughout their lives.

Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan...
Is a system on unarmed combat which can be traced back over 1000 years from Okinawa, Japan.   Although Okinawa-Te,
originated in Okinawa, Japan, birthplace of modern day Karatedo (empty hand combat), and Kobudo (weapons), it developed
from both Te, and Chinese boxing principles.

For many years the martial arts was studied in secrecy.  Government instability, and oppression forced Okinawa, Japan to
develop their martial arts as a means of survival.  Three main villages from Okinawa (Shuri, Naha, and Tomari), are credited
with the main styles that emerged from Okinawa-Te.  Through Kusanku-sensei, a Chinese diplomat who moved to Okinawa for
6 years, Shuri-Te and Tomari-Te formed the basis for Shorin-Ryu, while Naha-Te formed Goju-Ryu, and Nechi-Ryu.

As Shoryin-Ryu began to branch out, other styles evolved from Itosu-sensei’s teachings.  An attempt was made by one of Itosu-
Sensei’s students to preserve the art.  Itosu-sensei’s most dedicated student, Chibana-sensei, renamed the style Kobayashi-Ryu
(Shoryn-Ryu--Young Forest Style), to indicate that he taught Itosu-sensei’s original style.  Chibana-sensei’s most notable
student, Nakazato-sensei, became and is presently head of Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan branch of Kobayashi.  Chibana-sensei’s other
most notable student, Miyahira-sensei became the head of Shorin-Ryu Shidokan branch of Kobayashi.

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