About Me

Hi! My name is Kelsie. My passion is fitness training that is not only effective but sustainable- programs that build muscular strength and endurance but don't leave you feeling hurt or exhausted afterwards. I own Body Mantra & Barre and I teach barre, pilates, yoga, spin, and low impact bootcamp classes. I pride myself on being able to create unique and fun fitness programs for anyone.
Personal Trainer Smithtown NY

What to Expect

You will feel satisfied after each session- my catch phrase is "No Muscle Left Behind," so you will be sweaty and worked to your hardest but you won't feel overly tired or hurt after your workout. It's like the goldilocks effect--it can't be too easy and it can't be too hard, it's always just right.

  • 269 East Main Street, Smithtown, New York 11787, United States of America

I Speak Fluently in These Languanges
  • English
How Many Years Have You Been Training?


How Many Years Have You Been a Personal Trainer?


Preferred Skills Level

First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

My Certifications

NASM Certified

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