Kim Soo Karate is a traditional martial arts school for adults, children, and families. The style of martial arts practiced at Kim Soo Karate is called Chayon-Ryu ( Korean for "The Natural Way" ) and was developed over many years by Grandmaster Kim Soo.

Chayon-Ryu is based on the natural movements found within each of its parent styles - Chinese Chu'an Fa, Japanese Karate, Korean Taekwondo, Okinawa-Te, Judo/ Jujitsu, and Hapkido/ Aikido. Chayon -Ryu teaches natural body motion as the basis of all techniques in order to promote power, safety, health, and fitness.

Chayon-Ryu is more than just the physical practice of several martial arts. Within the practice, it incorporates an educational system of teaching: Morality, Purpose, Humility, Common Sense, Persistence, and Patience.

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