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Fitness and Aquatic wellness pro, trainer, group fitness instructor with medical training and education. I specialize in athletically minded folks and aging athletes over age 40. I've been a lifelong athlete: starting with powerlifting and bodybuilding as a youth, evolving as a trainer and athlete into more functional and specific training for sports. I've worked with people from ages 6 to 97 and enjoy everyone's uniqueness. My experience has also led me to aquatic rehab and fitness, group and corporate exercise, as well as helping clients with medical issues.

I'm fast learner, able to grasp and utilize complex information with minimal training. Highly motivated, passionate, organized and career minded, professional in appearance, performance, attitude and approach. Reliable, confident, self-sufficient and resourceful. Recognized for leadership, motivation, creativity, igniting growth, overall revenue and productivity in team members, co-workers and clients.

What to Expect

Typical training session: not sure there is any "typical" training, rather more specific for each person depending on goals at that time. A training program IS specifically tailored to that individual and then each session follows that theme, depending on what's going on with the client. If it's a pre or post rehab session or someone with a particular dysfunction, we usually focus on that first, then move on to a whole body type workout if the client desires. Other folks have specific sports goals in mind, so those are addressed with a targeted program. All sessions are planned out in advance, but subject to change based on clients needs and requests at the beginning of each individual session:)

  • The Delray Beach Club, 2001 S Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, Florida 33483, United States of America

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First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

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ISSA Certified

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