I was always hoping to find a martial arts school to take my son and when I stumbled upon this studio, I was so happy. The instructors are top notch. All four of their instructors, including the owner, are either State or World Champ or even both. They turn quiet, shy kids into confident, fearless superstars. My son, Matthew, is the perfect example. Before he started martial arts, Matthew was quiet and shy. Now, when you ask him to perform in front of people, he turns into a totally different kid. I am very grateful and feel very blessed to be able to send my son to such a great school. I enjoyed watching him so much in classes that I also decided to join for myself. I even compete at tournaments with my son. So this school is not just for the kids, it's for the whole family. So if you're looking for a great martial arts school to get fit, build confidence, or just have fun, you don't have to look any further because Legacy Martial Arts Family Fitness Center is the place to go. I totally recommend them 100%.
- Malou Racelis

We enrolled our eldest daughter in November 2007, and I think that was one off the best things we've done for her. The instructors at Legacy Martial Arts teach their students to have respect first and foremost for their parents. They teach hem to have integrity, perseverance, respect, and Taekwondo skills. The main instructor who is the current owner, Mr. Romeo Gregory, is one of the most passionate instructors I've ever met. He treats his students like his own family. His students including my daughter almost always win the first or second place at tournaments in different parts of the country. He is also a master at fitness exercises which he also teaches in his fitness classes. I should add that we enrolled our second and third child as well. I recommend Legacy Martial Arts to anyone who cares about getting great results.

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