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Hey (:
My name is Mariana and I'm from Houston, TX. I graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and fitness management. Currently proceeding physical therapist School. Mainly my plan right now is to be more involved with training clients and making them realize exercise is medicine.
-Certified PTAGlobal.
-CPR Certified
Other than training I love to walk my dogs and living life to the FULLEST. You are stronger than you think.
Personal Trainer Houston TX

What to Expect

Warm up is a must. Depending on the client level of training. I would start with that base and knowing what they like. I'm sure most people don't like to go to the gym because they do the same exercise and is boring. I will push them to their full potential, of course with protocols. Some levels can be increased to being static lunges to plyometric lunges. Just have fun with workouts and knowing you are doing this for yourself. I will, of course, fix the proper technique. I will explain the workout first and get feedback after. Increasing those endorphins to be more full and happy.

  • 1031 Stude Street, Houston, Texas 77007, United States of America

I Speak Fluently in These Languanges
  • English
How Many Years Have You Been Training?


How Many Years Have You Been a Personal Trainer?


Preferred Skills Level

First Timers, Those with some experience, Athletes and those serious about training

My Certifications

PTAG Certified

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