Grand Master Toddy has trained over 50 World Champions!
Being able to defend yourself is almost a necessity in today’s world. Become more proficient at self-defense with lessons from Master Toddy LA Training Center. We are recognized by the Royal Thai Government of Thailand. We offer world-class training such as authentic Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and conditioning classes. Our Muay Thai system is used in over 60 mix martial arts schools all over the world. We used a ranking system so you can get better and keep learning new techniques. We are not one of those gyms that show you the same stuff over and over again. As long as you come to technique class we will test you on what you have learn so we can make sure you know it. After the test we will teach you knew techniques and drills.

MTIA-LOGO2Thai kickboxing is one of the hottest sports around. At Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Training Center, we teach traditional Muay Thai, direct from Thailand. You will train following a well-rounded regimen emphasizing mental focus and physical fitness in an environment that is non-competitive, safe, and challenging. The Academy is the perfect place for seeking focus and a fit and healthy body.

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