We Teach and Deal With Reality and Practicality In Our Training.
Our training includes Forms (Katas), Self-Defense Techniques, Tournament Sparring (Kumite), Weapons Self-Defense, and Street Fighting Techniques.  We teach and deal with reality and practicality in our training. Our instructors stress the importance of learning the “Basics”, which include: Basic Foot Movements, Basic Blocks, Strikes, and Kicks.  Learning and understanding the basics is the key foundation for executing proper technique, helping not only to become a good martial artist, but a better overall athlete. Come by anytime… we look forward to seeing you soon!

McDuffy’s Kajukenbo has been a contracted vendor with Inglewood Unified School District providing instruction in both Dance and Kajukenbo to their after school programs.  We’ve also have relationships with Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.

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