About Miami Muay Thai
Miami Muay Thai has its origins in 1986, the year when Jun Fan/Kali instructor Dwight Woods moved to Miami from Barbados. At that time he had only 2 years of Muay Thai training under his belt; most of it had been in his backyard gym in Barbados supplemented with time in formal class at the world famous Inosanto Academy along with the 1985 seminar where he had met Ajarn Surachai Sirisute (“master” ‘Chai).

Six years after that fateful meeting with much more training time under his belt Dwight then tested again at the Inosanto Academy in 1991 for his apprentice instructorship under Ajarn ‘Chai.

After successfully completing the Thai Test (as it’s known), a former Muay Thai student now has permission to formally instruct others in the art of Muay Thai and so in 1991, Muay Thai was officially added to the curriculum at Unified Martial Art which consisted primarily of Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Martial Arts system and the Filipino Martial Arts.

In 1994 Khun Kru Dwight invited Ajarn ‘Chai to conduct the first-ever Muay Thai seminar in Miami. Sometime time shortly thereafter the decision was made to “split off” the Muay Thai class into its own separate program and so Miami Muay Thai was born.

Ajarn ‘Chai has continued to visit Miami every year to conduct his annual seminar and at least once a year Miami Muay Thai enthusiasts are able to learn at the hands and feet (literally) of the man who started it all when it comes to Muay Thai in the United States and various other parts of the world.

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