CARDIO FITNESSThe heart is the most important muscle in the human body. Where the heart's health goes, the body follows. Mind Body and Soul helps athletes improve their heart health, which improves endurance, builds strength, and adds years to their lives.
WEIGHT TRAININGIf you want to guarantee a better quality of life until you're 95 years old (or older!), you NEED weight training. It improves everything from stabilization and muscular endurance, to hypertrophy, which helps prevent osteoporosis.
BOXINGMind Body and Soul Fitness uses the fundamentals of boxing to work the body in the transverse plane of motion—great for burning fat, losing weight, and strengthening the core.
CORE IS EVERYTHINGCore development is the most important part of any routine. It’s the roots of your tree. It doesn’t matter how big or strong the tree—without strong roots, your body is weak. Core training is a fundamental part of every workout at Mind Body & Soul Fitness.

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