Martial arts instruction for children (5 years old+), teens and adults. There are a variety of programs available for all skill levels.

Mr. Bruce Nelson, director, began his martial arts training in 1980. He joined the National Karate team in 1986 under the direction of Mr. John Worley, Mr. Mark Schindler, and Mr. Scott Masterton.

Mr. Nelson taught in the Twin City area National Karate schools until 1990 before opening the Rochester location. His active and extremely successful career as a tournament competitor lasted for 15 years.

He resides in Rochester with his wife, Amy.

National Karate School of Rochester offers:
- positive, safe, structured environment
- professionally-trained staff
- life sport that can be enjoyed year round
- effective self defense and safety for children and adults
- development and mastery of martial arts fundamentals
- emphasis on behavior, respect and responsibility

Please email or call (507) 280-6546 for more information.

Enhance Your Well-Being at Our Martial Arts Studio

Look no further than National Karate of Rochester for karate lessons and martial arts instructions. Our robust class list is open to men, women, and children of age 5 and above. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to a stronger, more positive version of yourself. The skills that you will learn in the studio will directly correlate to your well-being!

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