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At National Martial Arts, we are very adamant about teaching much more than punching and kicking. We teach real life Self-Defense, and real Life Skills.

Each and every time a child attends a class; they are improving their ability to be focused, self-disciplined, and respectful as well as developing amazing coordination, balance, and flexibility. Combined with the silent knowledge of their ability to defend themselves, our student leave with life-changing confidence that lasts!

NMA has a Mixed Martial Arts approach to teaching children with a curriculum including Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Kickboxing. All of which are practical, real-life systems of self-defense—not sport Martial Arts that have scoring zones, referees, time limits, weight classes, etc; which are highly unrealistic in preparing for an actual “street” confrontation. This no-nonsense approach gives National Martial Arts students an edge.

At National Martial Arts, we never just throw children into a class; we do at least one private evaluation lesson with them first. This gives us the opportunity to see which one of our programs will work best for each child as an individual.
Introductory lessons are also a great opportunity for you, the parent(s), to see our state-of-the-art facility, meet our instructors, and see firsthand what we teach and how we teach it. So give us a call today to schedule a private lesson to see if NMA is a good fit for your family. It is totally free and there is no obligation to continue. We hope to see you soon! 405-692-7300

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