The four core values that we teach to everyone at Ni Yai Muay Thai.
Ni Yai Muay Thai Sheffield offer a range of courses to suit everybody regardless of their fitness level or level of experience.

We match our Muay Thai lessons to each individual students interests and needs, and offer programmes for men, women and children of all ages, as private 1-to-1 lessons or in group classes.

All of our programmes cover a diverse range of different training methods and techniques whether it is for competition training or for general fitness such as cardio training. Ni Yai Muay Thai Sheffield run preplanned lesson programmes that focus on fitness, bag work, pad work, sparring, fundamental training and clinch work. We also have a team of fighters available, so whether you want to fight or not they are always available for some extra guidance.

Taught by experienced instructor Kru Christian Di Paolo, our classes are engaging and enjoyable whilst retaining a focus on developing fitness, skills and mental discipline.

We run Muay Thai classes each day of the  week where you will find something that’s suitable for you, whether you are a beginner, an experienced fighter or an instructor.

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