We are affiliated to the recognised Nippon Traditional Kobudo (NTK) association where all our licence and insurances are obtained.

Sensei Andy Wilshaw is a full time Martial Arts Instructor and the director of NTK Martial Arts. Sensei Andy started training the Martial Arts in 1979 when he started Karate and moved on to Jujitsu in 1980, Sensei Andy holds a 7th Dan in Jujitsu, 2nd Dan in Karate, 1st Dan in Judo,and 1st Dan in Kobudo. Along the way Sensei Andy has practiced and studied different forms of Martial Arts with a passion and travels around the country and different parts of the world to Instruct other Martial Artists and extend his own knowledge as much as possible. Sensei Andy has trained with Professor D.Hodgson (7th Dan Jujitsu), Professor Robert Clarke(9th Dan Jujitsu),Professor D. Stretton (7th Dan Jujitsu,7th Dan Fudoshin Weapons),Master Soke Tanaka, Soke Inoue, Soke Yamanaka,  Soke-Professor Yamaue, Grand Master Jack Hogan (10th Dan), Grand Master Bruce Chui (Modern Arnis).

Interested?……Of course you are!
And first session is always free so what are you waiting for, come and learn this wonderful martial art and feel more confident whilst improving your fitness and reduce your stress levels!

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