Hard Work, Consistency, Patience!

Radical Fitness Club is a community based fitness gym that teaches boxing and kickboxing. I focus on giving people the tools they need to be successful. Radical Fitness Club was founded by, myself, Conrad Caldwell Jr., in 2017. The mission of the club is to combine boxing/kickboxing with the best motivation you can find and to help people reach their fitness goals, while learning a great life skill.

Radical Fitness is all about change. I strive to make sure no two workouts are the same. This helps further change in my clients and pushes them to reach their goals. Classes are one hour long and, as mentioned, no workout being the same as the last. Each class we will continue to push ourselves harder and harder to reach all fitness goals.

The workouts are at your own pace to start and as a trainer it’s my job to get you to the next level by allowing you to grow with the workout. Radical Fitness Club is for all fitness levels and ages ranging from 6 to 60+. Children ages 6-10 are welcome to all classes (must be accompanied by an adult who is working out with them), however, this age group will have focused classes 3 days a week. As a parent or guardian, you can work out with your child or just bring them in for their work out.

Now is the time to build on our foundation of life, which is our mind and body. Leave your excuses at the door and let's get Radically Fit.

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