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Revolution Fight and Fitness is the only combat/fitness gym in the Northeast Ohio area that has fully credentialed instructors in their chosen arts. This is a first for the area which will benefit any student coming for fitness, self defense, competition training or all of the above!

"The Rev" as the students affectionately refer to it is a place you can not only get the best training but an environment that is solidly centered around the students. Where as most gyms are worried about nothing more then the top dollar, we pride ourselves on the achievements of the student and what they accomplish, whether it is losing a few pounds, knowing they can defend themselves or winning a tournament. We are a family, one that works together for the benefit of all.


Tim Stafford leads the boxing program here at The Rev, not only teaching but also still competing as well! This Veteran has a never say die attitude and is aligned with USA boxing. Tim has trained many fighters and has lead many to victory!

Muay Thai

Aaron "Kru Juice" Veverka leads the Muay Thai program, an art he has spent 20 years in. "Juiceman" is aligned with the World Thaiboxing Association and has achieved the title of "Senior instructor", no small feat.


George Comer is not only a professional MMA fighter, he is also proficient in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, tools he brings into his classes, where all appreciate his flare for teaching style.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Tim Thompson is a no nonsense realist when it comes to the art of BJJ, and he can show you how to apply it in virtually any situation, regardless of the size of your opponent.


Mike Lachina heads up the diverse Olympic sport of Judo, which he has achieved not only high rank in, but also has been able to show fighters how to include it in their MMA game, and also teaches with George Comer in the the MMA program.


Alice Atalanta has been taught by some of the very best in the combatives programs in the USA, material normally reserved for the armed forces. She has toured around the country in order to bring this right here to our city, making women and those needing self defense training safer.

Kids MMA

Shannon Farnworth heads up our youth program at The Rev, something she has excelled at for a very long time. Shannon is proficient in Brazilian Jujitsu and the striking arts, offering a diverse skill set to help make them bully resistant and offer them a welcomed disciplined lifestyle.


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