About Reyes Martial Arts

We have been teaching quality Martial Arts in the same location since 1973. We specialize in Ed Parker's American Kenpo. Principles of Motion taught by Mr. Parker to Mr. Reyes (First Generation Black Belt) that are realistic and effective. Our system uses every part of the body as weapons. Punches, open hand strikes (palm and fingers), elbows, knees, kicks, take downs & control manipulations.

We teach Principles of Motion to generate maximum power through high-width & depth (back up mass marriage of gravity & torque). We apply checks and angles of disturbance to control opponents' reactions and keep them off balance at all times. We also believe in encouraging our students to use the skills thought in our school like Listening, Respect, Concentration, Honor, Courage, Sportsmanship, Pride and Loyalty to be leaders to excel in Martial Arts and school.

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