RFLX MMA provides a modern approach to the study of the martial arts. Our primary directives for student development are:

1. Positive Reflex Development: Students learn the process of intentionally creating powerful automatic responses, both physical and mental, through conscious repetition.
2. Awareness of the critical importance of non-violent communication.
3. Development of leadership qualities in order to effect positive change.
4. The pursuit of Self Mastery through the challenges of physical discipline and skill development.
5. Development of a deeper understanding of the roots of human conflict and the impact of the individual on the world.
6. True Self Defense through self awareness and highly refined sense of confidence and empathy.
7. Physical fitness, health and vitality.
8. A safe, respectful, relaxed and supportive environment for students and staff in order to encourage optimal personal growth.

RFLX MMA provides education and training in the following areas:

Combat Arts

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Muay Thai Kickboxing
American Boxing
Mixed Martial Arts (Ultimate Fighting Championship rules)

Self Defense
RFLX Matrix™ personal defense system
RFLX Tactical Training for Law Enforcement, Military, Security and Concealed Carry
RFLX Evolution™ Bully Defense

MMA MetaFit™
Cardio Kickboxing

Personal Training

Weight room

Nutrition classes / consultation

Teaching Philosophy

Martial arts have evolved rapidly in recent years. Many people are getting involved in this kind of training and more training is becoming available. We must often balance opposing forces when it comes to student development.

1. Safety – Our primary concern is student safety. While we understand that real growth comes when one is outside the comfort zone, it’s more important to be consistent in training and to do that one must be healthy and injury free.

2. Belts and Grading – we evaluate our students and issue belts and certificates.

3. Legal Realities and Real World Application – we emphasize an educated awareness of the legalities of self defense and recognize that someone who has training in martial arts will be held to a higher standard in a court of law. Simultaneously, we take as our sincere responsibility, constitutional right and duty to protect oneself, those in our charge and to assert ourselves as is prudent, reasonable and necessary.

4. Teamwork and Respect – an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect among students is expected. Higher ranked students are expected to facilitate lower ranked students. It is expected that the student will also take the attitude of teamwork and respect out into the world as well. The teacher is the facilitator and guide for students and recognizes that each student must be his own teacher in the end.

5. Central Question – How can I develop myself to the best of my abilities and fulfill my potential as a human being?
Community Outreach

RFLX Training Centers are located in Lafayette, CO serving the Denver Boulder metro area, and in Hollywood, FL serving the Ft. Lauderdale area. As a member of the community we wish to create a positive impact on those individuals and groups around us. Our community outreach initiatives include training for underprivileged and at risk teens as well as seminars, workshops, lectures, guest speakers and artists and corporate training.
Positive Change

The overarching RFLX ideal is to facilitate the personal development of individual who can go into the world and create a positive impact. The aim is to provide a blueprint of a healthy, sustainable way of living for our students so they can, in turn, create success and prosperity for themselves, their families and the world at large.


We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and a unique learning environment which emphasizes teamwork, friendship, safety and respect. We have life changing programs for men, women and kids of all levels, experience and athletic abilities. Stop by today and take the first step toward a more powerful way of living.

To serve the community and nation by providing excellent martial arts instruction and striving to develop outstanding citizens who become a positive force in the world.
To serve our students by serving as role models of black belt excellence and providing inspiration and guidance on the quest for personal success, achievement and fulfillment. To provide our students and staff a positive, safe and disciplined environment in which they can contribute to their teammates’ growth and learn to express themselves powerfully and respectfully for the good of all.
To ensure the long term success of the academy by providing excellent service and striving to continuously improve all aspects of the business.

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