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Rockford Karate Club has come a long way. New members should look back at the trials that this club experienced to reach the success that it has today. Over the past 55 years, many students have started with the club but not all had the will and persistence to stay. Some have reached certain levels of knowledge and gone onto other things.

One can personally say that the instructions and values that were learned over the years have stayed with him or her. Many older students have said the same things. Some of us have moved into other areas of interest, but the values that were taught and learned at the Dojo have stayed with us to make us better people.

Rockford Karate Club is Rockford's oldest and longest running Karate school - a Japanese tradition, a Rockford tradition. RKC is Rockford's very own!!! This History provides a brief account of RKC’s  important dates and events.

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