SA Kid's Karate Parents say: "I asked my son what he likes about karate, and he said, 'Mom, it teaches me about life.'"
Why S.A. Kid's Karate
At S. A. Kids Karate, we are not motivated by medals and trophies. We are not set up to train cage fighters or create bullies. Instead, we focus on courtesy, respect, discipline, hard work, good grades, and developing the character and talent of each and every student.

We honestly believe that traditional martial arts is the best way to bring out the best of every child and create a well-rounded kid. We also believe that our methods and practices help forge a spirit that allows our students to excel in their personal endeavors.

Whether it's getting accepted to UT, Texas A&M, or even Harvard, our Junior Black Belt students have done it all. From being champion athletes in middle school or high school to enlisting in our Armed Forces to serve our country, our students have demonstrated a high level of focus, discipline, and commitment.

While much of this is begun and developed at home, we can't help but believe the "secrets" of real karate taught by real black belts had a little to do with it – just ask our parents!

At S.A. Kid's Karate most of our instructors have over 20 years of teaching experience. Between Owner and Chief Instructor Dan Gonzalez and our Head Instructors at each dojo, we bring a combined experience of over 80 years in the martial arts world.

We can help your child

Become more Disciplined
Be more Active
Increase their Self-Confidence
Approach life with a Positive Attitude
Channel their Creative Energy
At S.A. Kid's Karate we truly look at ourselves as partners in your child's success. Ready to give us a try? Call 210-701-3456 to find out how to get 4 WEEKS FREE!

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