Welcome to Saunders Brazilian Jiujitsu!  We are a martial arts school that teaches Brazilian Jiujitsu and submission grappling in the Durham, NC area.

Our school takes pride in having a fun and friendly atmosphere to train in.  Yet we have produced many very successful competitors over the years.

With an instructor with over a decade of experience teaching Brazilian Jiujitsu, you have found one of the best places in the NC Triangle for learning this art.  Come on in and try a free class!  If you're still undecided, [testimonials] see what some students have said...[end testimonials]


a not so new brown belt
So very late on this, but big congrats to Dan Settles on his promotion to brown belt back in spring!
New-ish purple belt!
Congrats to Kurt Volkan on his promotion over the summer!  Yeah, this is really late...  He's got a nice game from his guard with good combinations, plus some some interesting side escape/sweeps that work well for him.
purple belt...finally
Finally!  :)  A hearty congratulations to Mark Tung on his recent promotion to purple belt.  He's been focused and working on his combinations and relaxing and it shows.

Also, a belated congratulations to Nick on his promotion to blue belt.

New brown belt!
A rather belated congratulations to Darrin Bartolotta on his promotion to brown belt!  I was up in Rochester to teach a seminar a couple of months ago and Darrin was forced decided to test.  The most grueling hour or so of his life perhaps?  Perhaps, but he did well!

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