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What does our Martial Arts Leadership Program Do?

We awaken the extraordinary leader in you. The leader who can dream, think, tell his story and lead. Historically martial artists have been called upon to defend the communities they lived in during times of war and lead in times of peace. The defensive training systems were developed long ago and available to all, but leadership training was provided to only a select few. In our proprietary Black Belt Shoka Leader Program adults and children learn not only how to defend themselves but also how to lead. We are a powerhouse of Shotokan Karate Martial Arts Leadership throughout the world. This leadership program was developed under the guidance of Marty Callahan, in Santa Rosa, California to be used worldwide.

What is the benefit of Martial Arts Leadership?
Families face serious problems due to bullying, sexual assault, teen pregnancy, gang activity, drug use, violent crime, mental disorders and school violence. The extent of these problems is seen in the nationwide teen death rate that puts alcohol as the most common cause, homicide as the second most common and suicide as the third. Why is this happening? What’s missing in the lives of so many people that this is who we have become?

The answer is Leadership. In our Martial Arts Leadership Program kids and adults learn how to withstand peer pressure, resolve conflict, and create win-win situations for everyone. And when it can’t happen they learn how to remove themselves graciously from the situation. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself.

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