Welcome to SKHR – we hope you will visit our dojo in Newport News and get out on the floor with us for a good sweat and a start down a path that will never end – even if your travels take you far from us, Shotokan Karate is all over the world!

Our dojo (training hall) is open to children 5 and up (with parental consent), and adults of all ages, who want to participate in traditional karate practice with its emphasis on healthful exercise and strong basic techniques applicable to self-defense.  Karate practice is noted for its ability to improve strength, flexibility and coordination in people of all ages.  It provides a healthy, natural form of exercise that improves and maintains physical fitness and can help with weight loss, toning and endurance.

Training focuses on kata (formal exercise) and kihon (basics) with kumite (sparring) at a level appropriate for the age and rank of the student.  We emphasize safety, sweat and continuous improvement for all students regardless of starting point or ranking.

Practice Times:

Youth: Monday through Thursday and at 5:00 pm.   6:30pm on Fridays. Youth beginners should attend Monday and Wednesday until they are accustomed to dojo etiquette and behavior standards.

Adults, Monday through Friday at 6:30pm.  The Friday training is both kids and adults.  All ranks are welcome at every training.

On Saturdays, kids will train at 10:30 am.  Adults at 12:00 pm.

If you are not sure karate is for you, come by and watch a class any time.  We offer a two week free trial for all students as well as discounts for military members and families with multiple members!

Promotional exams are held several times a year, and all ranks are awarded through the ISKF by certified Instructors and Examiners.

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