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The Sharing of Knowledge
Since 2000, Sky Martial Arts Simi has educated students in Simi Valley and the surrounding areas. We are committed to helping students learn new techniques, develop new skills, and open doors to a new future. Grow your skillset with us and expand your mind all at the same time. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Our Classes
What you or your child will learn with us
In the beginning of the program, students start as a white belt. They continue to learn and practice new curriculum, and as they successfully achieve new knowledge and skills,they rise through the ranks. Each belt requires students to learn new and more advanced techniques through TaeKwonDo forms or poomse, self-defense through Hapkido, board breaking techniques for developing focus and power, and various kicking techniques to test student’s balance and core strength. While our students study the curriculum for each belt level, masters and instructors demonstrate and teach our core values ofRespect, Self-Control, Wisdom, and Courage. The overall training students receive at Sky Martial Arts follows them throughout their lives.

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