Judo, meaning the “gentle way” is a modern martial art, combat, and Olympic sport. Judo consists of throwing techniques, grappling, and submissions (submissions will only be taught to students at the appropriate level/age). It is the most practiced martial art around the world. Students will learn to execute various techniques designed to overtake a stronger opponent using the principles of balance, timing, and leverage. Each class will involve exercises to improve physical fitness, agility, and conditioning. This program will promote self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork and will emphasize fun, safety, and mutual respect at all times. Whether you are looking for self-defense, an activity that will boost self-esteem, mental and physical development, or just a fun sport for your family to enjoy, Judo is for you!

Each class will be 1 hour long. Classes will begin with about 10-15 minutes of stretches and warm up exercises, followed by break falls and roll outs. Judo specific drills and techniques will be taught with some classes focusing more on stand up (throwing techniques) and other classes focusing more on mat work (grappling and submissions). I like to end each class with a game or contest designed to focus on or highlight the techniques taught throughout that class.

Judo is an Olympic sport and there are many opportunities for athletes to compete in tournaments both near and far. Although participation in tournaments will not be mandatory, I highly recommend it for my students once they reach the appropriate level. Competition is a great way to challenge students mentally and physically while testing their skills. It helps to teach the values of persistence, resolve, sportsmanship, and supporting ones teammates. My focus will not be on winning, but rather on having fun and doing the best that one can do. I strongly believe in the importance of finding the courage to compete and the ability to win or lose gracefully, while building strong bonds within the class and experiencing the camaraderie of team support.

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