Real Stories
Hear true success stories of people from Rockford, Byron, Cherry Valley, Belvidere, and the surrounding areas. Whether it's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Kickboxing, Self Defense, Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), weight loss and nutrition, or fitness you are looking for - hear it from those who have seen first hand how their own lives have been changed by what Team Haanpaa Martial Arts is offering to the greater Rockford reagion.



"The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is second to none, and Muay Thai is incredible."

"...looking for a gym to help them learn and thrive in martial arts."

The hardest part is simply, getting there. Have you ever wanted to make a lifestyle change? Maybe you've thought about going to the gym.... a lot. Perhaps you've put all your mental energy towards make a possitive move towards fitness, personal development, self defense, learning a new discipline or other goals only to find a few days or weeks or months later that you still haven't actually physically moved towards the target you were aiming for. At Team Haanpaa Martial Arts we understand that manytimes the hardest part is simply getting here. Once you make the descision to MOVE the rest is simple. Our unique program design and overal life empowering instruction is sure to motivate you and give you the accountabilityyou need to attain your goals and stick with it. It's Never Easy but it's Always Worth it!

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