kills : Judo Techniques, Combinations, Counters, Self Defense, Striking Integration, Ne-Waza (Ground Fighting), Defensive Tactics, Philosophy, Strategy, and Shiai. Our focus is teaching good Judo that is safe, simple, and effective for all genders and all ages.

Our system does not require you to be in great physical condition, it can help, but it is not a requirement to be effective. We learn the true essence of Judo and apply technique with proper body mechanics and proper timing. We emphasize Self Defense and application outside the Dojo, but can easily train anyone who wants to compete.

Our Techniques : Our techniques are built on the foundation of physics, body mechanics, and technical timing. If a technique is not working for you, we look at these aspects to resolve the problem, not tell you that you need to do more push ups or run more miles. Because of this, we are able to practice, fight, and apply true Judo principals at an older age. Our class ages range from junior high students to folks in their 50's, and older.

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