Our standard Muay Thai classes provide instruction and drills set in a group training structure.

Based on the session that day, students will often be paired up with other students at relative skill level or sometimes work individually.

Training session typically include heavy bag work, Thai pad work, speed bag, shadow work, jump rope, muscle strengthening.

New students will work at their own pace to prevent overdoing it, while more seasoned students will be pushed a little harder to reach their potential.

New students often train for one class per day, as where more experienced students have built conditioning to train 2 or 3 classes back to back.
Those focusing their training for Muay Thai competition will work with other competitors on their team and be encouraged to train more frequently than the average practitioner.

Muay Thai for Kids

* Kids Muay Thai training is great for both mental and physical development.

* UMT's focus with Youth Muay Thai training is to help build and sharpen life skills such as self awareness, listening skills, accountability and emotional control.

* Drills with timed rounds striking heavy bags, Thai pads, shadow work.

* Strength exercises to develop fundamental strength and athleticism.

* Partner drills with other kids in their class will develop the child's etiquette in  teamwork, communication, self control and support for each other's success.

* Our Bully Prevention approach begins first with practice of communication skills and relationship building in class. And our Bully Management approach begins with practicing decision making skills under pressuring situations.

* Competition Muay Thai matches are available for kids beginning at the age of 8 yrs old.

* Progress in Muay Thai doesn't come easy, its definitely hard work but in very achievable steps that build great character along the way.

"Minion" Muay Thai ages 6-10 yrs.

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