Martial Arts Education Teaching Life Skills, Self Defense, Black Belt Excellence since 1962. Fairfield's Original Martial Arts School.

Welcome to Tony Ramos Kajukenbo, Fairfield's original karate school. We have been providing blackbelt excellence since 1962. Our training facility is well equipped to serve the needs of the aspiring martial artist as well as those who seek out martial arts as a means to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

We have classes well suited for children and for the young at heart. Each training session is a well mix of calisthenics and cardio, which in time, helps you develop strength and endurance. Not only will you see the immediate effects that martial arts have, both on the mat and on the streets, it can also have lasting benefits to all other aspects of your life.

Whether you desire a more fit you or desire the confidence and self-discipline that comes through martial arts, we can help you achieve your goals. What's more, you'll find that martial arts can have far reaching benefits to your overall well being. So stop on by today for a free, no obligation consultation and see how Tony Ramos Kajukenbo can make a difference in you.

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