TRACY'S KARATE & MIXED MARTIAL ARTS is an expanding, dynamic organization dedicated to providing outstanding kenpo karate, jiu-jitsu, karate, tai chi, Shootfighting and other martial arts instruction in the local community, the nation and throughout the world. James Mitose and Fusae Oshita taught Kenpo Jiu-jitsu in Hawaii beginning in 1942; and Professor William K. S. Chow, a student of James Mitose, coined the name KENPO KARATE (Kempo) in 1949. Another student of James Mitose was Paul Pung, who brought kenpo to San Francisco in 1953 where he opened the first commercial kenpo karate school. He was followed by Ed Parker who first taught Kenpo at a health club in Provo Utah, and then opened his first commercial Kenpo Karate studio in Pasadena in 1956, and became known as the father of American Kenpo. James Ibrao had began his training with Ed Parker in 1956, and was his fourth student. Ibrao, who at 5'10", toured with the Harlem Globetrotters became Ed Parker's first black belt (Shodan) in 1957. Shortly before Ibrao's promotion in 1957 the Tracy brothers, began their training in kenpo directly with Ed Parker. Under Parker's instruction and guidance and the influence of such dedicated kenpo students as James Ibrao, Rich Montgomery, Rick Flores and Ed Tabian (who earned their Shodan between 1957 and 1961), Al and Jim Tracy became Ed Parker's 5th and 6th black belts. Will Tracy, meanwhile, earned his Shodan in November 1961, under both Kenpo Great Grand Master Fusae Oshita and the father of Kenpo Karate, Professor William K. S. Chow. Al Tracy is the creator and the technical director of Tracy's Martial Arts System, Tracy's Kenpo Karate, and the Tracy's System of Self-Defense and is a recognized nationwide leader in the promotion, development and overall growth of the martial arts. Under his direction, beginning with its inception 50 year ago, Tracy's Kenpo Karate and the Tracy System of martial arts has grown into an organization that is recognized throughout the world as a model for the martial arts business and quality instruction in kenpo, Tai Chi and Shootfighting.



Our Mission & Purpose
Our mission is to continue being the leading provider of private and group instruction in practical, effective self defense and competitive sport martial arts in the Northern California area.  It is the primary purpose of Tracy's Martial Arts to preserve the philosophy, techniques and tradition of Kenpo Jiu-jitsu, Shootfighting® and the martial arts and to develop an understanding of the physical and spiritual implications of the martial arts as they relate to the individual.

Since its inception more than 50 years ago, the Tracy's Martial Arts Program has had the goals of providing successful, quality technical instruction in Kenpo, Tai Chi and Shootfighting the Tracy Martial Arts Program and had endeavored to maximize the potential for developing other Oriental and Brazilian martial arts through research into their history, philosophical and spiritual implications.

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