Triunfo translated from Brazilian Portuguese means Triumph. At Triunfo we aim to be triumphant as an academy, a team, and individuals over all challenges we may face both in martial arts, as well as in life. It is said that the way we do one thing is the way we do all things, therefore the diligence, respect, humility, and confidence we develop in training inevitably begins to show up elsewhere in our lives.
Being triumphant does not always equate to a win as the end result, but rather can be the attitude and spirit in which we face challenges and setbacks. Winning is not always in our control, but being triumphant in spirit is.
Many new students have come to Triunfo excited to be the best jiu jitsu practitioner, or the best muay thai fighter, or the best in MMA and while we stand behind any goals our students may have, it's most important that they prioritize becoming the best version of themselves. That’s true triumph, that’s what Triunfo brings out in our students and to our community, and this is what makes us most proud.

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