At Undaunted ATA Martial Arts, we are determined to give our students the tools they need to succeed and thrive. We believe that a keen mind and a strong body can overcome any obstacle in one's path.  In addition, we strive to develop the strength of character and the leadership skills that will make an exceptional difference in all aspects of one's life... and will last for a lifetime.

North Texas is known as a sports hotbed.  Indeed, we love our sports in DFW -- we've got professional baseball, basketball, hockey, MLS soccer... and don't even get me started on those Cowboys! Similarly, there is also a sport-oriented culture at the community level. High-school and league sports are extremely popular, and kids are encouraged to find a sport they like and jump into the mix.

That being said, we at Undaunted ATA think that something better exists for kids of all shapes and sizes (and their parents, too, but we'll explore that at a later date). We respectfully submit that, as great as they might be, team sports can't match the benefits of Martial Arts training.  And we're here to tell you why...

For starters, unlike team sports, Martial Arts is focused primarily on individual achievement, although team spirit and camaraderie are certainly evident within the dojang, and have a function in competition.   The individual ultimately reaps the rewards commensurate with their efforts; there's no coattail-riding or procrastinating allowed if you want to succeed.

Every martial arts student gets equal training time, and the classes are fairly intense from start to finish. No two classes are exactly alike; they are varied, dynamic, and always tons of fun.  And in our dojang, no one is forced to sit on the bench if he/she can't keep up.  It's also important to remember that, unlike team sports, Martial Arts has no off-season. And no gender barriers, either; girls and boys both learn the same material, compete in the same fashion, and are graded on identical criteria.

Martial arts builds confidence through seeing steps of progress and overcoming challenges. Each belt level presents greater challenges and higher difficulty. Achieving the goal of obtaining the next belt means overcoming those adversities, and that inspires a mental toughness that is tough to find in any other sport or activity.

Lastly, Martial Arts is an incredibly effective means to getting in peak physical condition. Arms, Legs, Core, power, flexibility, coordination, speed, balance, timing, cardio... a martial artist trains all of these in order to perform at his/her best.   We teach functional fitness - something that makes you fitter and healthier as a whole. Martial Arts training can actually be used to improve skills in other sports or activities, too, especially if you also figure in the self-discipline factor. Not a lot of team sports can make the same claim.

If you're ready to take the next step in your Black Belt journey, please give us a call at (469) 803-8080 TODAY to get started!

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