Parent Testimonial:
My kids (9 & 6) have both tried karate before and it failed to grab there attention. But this place WOW with all of the different classes they have ( none of them being boring at all ) My kids LOVE this place! I actually have something to take away from them now when they misbehave!! LOVE IT!” ~Alisha R, Lancaster, CA

Adult Student / Parent Testimonial:
I would like to share with everyone how happy and grateful I am for the results I’ve obtained for being a member of the United Self Defense Academy.  My biggest goal when I joined USDA was to lose 20 pounds.  I felt I needed something to motivate me and thanks to the support and motivation from Sensei Margaret and Sensei David, I was able to reach my goal within 2 months.  Before joining USDA, I tried to lose weight on my own by doing different exercise programs.  I would start off by losing a few pounds.  However, I would eventually gain it back and sometimes I would gain even more.  Once my weight got to 150 pounds, I felt desperate as nothing I was doing was working.  I then decided to join USDA.  Sensei Margaret and Sensei David motivated to make a commitment towards my goal and to believe in myself.  They gave me courage and mental strength to be ready to make the necessary changes in order to achieve my goal.  Sensei Margaret gave me advice on how I needed to change my nutritional diet if I wanted to obtain my results much faster.  The different workout programs, which are always fun and physically challenging, also played a big role in my weight loss.  I strongly recommend USDA to everyone who is looking for ways of staying healthy, learning self-defense, losing weight, or ways of staying motivated and gaining self-confidence.  USDA has made a difference in my life and I am certain it will do the same for anyone who has the same goal I had when I joined.


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