USKO has been the school of champions since 1972! We are proud to offer different programs to be able to reach the individual goals of our students in just one location. We are focusing on employing the highest quality instructor’s and supplying them with all the tools and teaching skills to help develop the students to the best of there abilities. Through the whole organization we show family values of respect, self-discipline and self-confidence to members and competitors alike. Joining USKO is equivalent to joining a martial art’s family!

Our Unique Approach
U.S.K.O. is unique in its approach to teaching. We have adapted and refined styles from around the world such as Judo, Kung-Fu, Aikido, Tae-Kwon-Do, Karate, and Jujitsu and have developed a solid style that is effective and easily learned at any age, ability, or skill level.

This blending of styles provides U.S.K.O. students with an unlimited resource of effective techniques. Rather than molding the student into one particular stye, U.S.K.O. has designed training programs that maximize the abilities and potential of each student.

More than just Self-Defense
U.S.K.O. is much more than just self-defense. Everyday, thousands of people are experiencing how much fun it is to learn karate through the United States Karate Organization and are reaping the benefits of this ancient art-form.

Children’s Programs
Our U.S.K.O. Programs for children are second to none. Well-planned curriculums, and instructors who have many years experience working with children, join together in a winning combination. Helping your child learn to set, stick with, and achieve reasonable goals is one of the things we do best! We’ll share in the pride you’ll feel as your child becomes more self-confident, and more self-disciplined.

As your child learns the principles of self-respect, and respect for others, you’ll understand why U.S.K.O. training is so important in developing the qualities of leadership, personal responsibility, and strength of character.

Our U.S.K.O. training programs are “self-esteem boosters”, giving your child the competitive edge needed to succeed at home, in the classroom, and in life.

Adult’s Programs
The improved levels of concentration, greater self-discipline and increased stamina benefit everyone from 5 to 95. Adults of ages and fitness level gain tremendously from the physical and mental benefits that come with a regular U.S.K.O. Training Program.

More than self-defense, and better than a health club, U.S.K.O. gives you an exercise program with a kick!

The double bonus to you – you’ll learn how to effectively protect yourself, and your loved ones, and have a great time, too!

Women In U.S.K.O.
With the problems in today’s society, more women than ever before are training with U.S.K.O. The self-defense techniques taught are proven effective an are easily learned by women of any age. Be assured, you don’t have to be a muscle-bound athlete to be effective in defending yourself – size has very little to do with it, knowing what to do makes all the difference!

How To Get Started
There is no better time to become a U.S.K.O. Student than right now! Students are welcome to begin their training at any time. With our flexible class scheduling and affordable programs, selecting your U.S.K.O. training program couldn’t be easier!

A True Family Training Center
We are very proud to have many families, parents and their children, who train with us on a regular basis. Our commitment to the concept of “family” and to celebrating family values with our students is what makes U.S.K.O. such a great organization. We look forward to adding you to our family roster – See you in class!

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