Gilbert "Cuate" Sanchez started Waco Boxing Club in 1972. Cuate's brothers, along with John Garcia, the late Jose Lerma Sr, and the late, Jerry Guffey, Sr. helped to mentor and coach many boxers for several years. My name is Jaime Lerma and I have been a part of this legacy Since 1978, competed as an amateur for 13 years, won numerous Regional and State USA/ABF and Golden Gloves titles, and fought and traveled with the USA Boxing Team, along with Chris Byrd, Tim Austin, Ronald "Winky" Wright, Ivan "Mighty" Robinson, Shane Mosley and Oscar De La Hoya, to name a few. I turned professional in 1991 and won the WBF Welterweight World Title in 1996 and retired as a professional in 1999 and I am currently a 2016 Texas Sports Hall of Fame nominee.I stepped away from boxing for several years, but came back to continue the legacy my Trainer, father and mentors started and will run it the way they did. My goal is to not only teach boxing, but discipline and self respect and give back to the children of this community. NO child that wants to be a member of the Waco Boxing Club will be turned away for financial inability. I want to GIVE the same opportunities to the members of this gym that were given to me as a child and to honor the man who taught me how to be a fighter and Champion. I welcome the community and my friends to join me in this. Also, a huge thank you to Coach Tony Montoya and Coach John Garcia for your years of dedication to the gym and members. If anyone is interested in making donations or volunteering your time, please contact Coach Jaime Lerma. Thank you and God Bless.

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