Fitter Than Fit is a work out program like no other based in Bournemouth. We offer classes that are affordable and accessible to people of all ages and any level. We offer different types of workouts involving martial arts and circuit training. Our speciality is Muay Thai so our Bootcamp classes have a Muay Thai touch to enable our customers to learn the basics of the Art while keeping fit. We also have other Arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Yoga… Through our bootcamp program, many of our clients became fighters competing (Boxing, K1 and Muay Thai) on a regular basis. Our fighters are representing “WASSMUFFIN MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY”, Wassmuffin Warriors, Lions… Some people ask, why Wassmuffin? Well, to really find out 🙂 you will have to spend some time with us. We are just a happy family who like to keep fit and learn Martial arts together 😀 “WMAA”…

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