About us:
At Westside Muay Thai we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most authentic traditional Muay Thai Ottawa has to offer. All our instructors are certified by Ajahn Suchart and the WMC (World Muay Thai Council) and have International fight experience.

Whether you are looking to take advantage of our world renowned conditioning and fitness or looking to become the next world champion, Westside Muay Thai has the solution for you. Unlike our competition, our instructors provide extensive personal instruction before, during, or after class without having to pay for expensive private sessions. With a multitude of classes and open training both night and day we can cater to almost any schedule.

November 20th 2015
Here at Westside Muay Thai we’re always working to better ourselves and bring the best out of our students. One of the ways we’ve managed to do this over the last few years is a constant flux of people leaving to and from Thailand to train with the worlds best. While traveling to Thailand is ideal, not everyone here in Ottawa has the cash or the time to make it out east. Fortunately we’ve got you covered! On December 5th we will be hosting an exclusive seminar from Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus who is the number 1 light-heavy weight Muay Thai fighter in the world and the number 1 contender in the world renowned Glory kickboxing organization.

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