Please don't be late! Check out Terry Norris dot net. Let's start by saying that This is NOT an aerobic class. If you are looking for dance, bootcamp crowd and verity this isn't the workout for you. Mr. Norris is a former 4x WBC Boxing Champion & Boxing Hall of Famer. He specializes in ass kicking (with a smile) so be prepared when he's called on to teach a session. This program was designed & created by his wife celebrity fitness and lifestyle consultant Tanya E. Norris. She is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and she also has a Masters in exercise physiology. She has been in the fitness biz for over 25+  The workout is geared towards rapid fat-loss, lifestyle change, calorie burn and extreme conditioning to prepare you for a real boxing match! 1on1 Sessions are also available for more customized technical boxing skills or weight loss. Boxing is a repetitive sport. Once you are able to do a full class all are ready for skills and techniques or our 12 round class. Download our Free app iPhone and Droid! Welcome to the experience!!!! Boxing is the new yoga!

Established in 1996.

Tanya Norris, creator of WCCB and Owner of Fitness Management & Home Gym Design is the creator of WCCB. We have a new 2000 sf Studio! We have come a long way from the lower level of our loft! See photos for our new studio check our our Instagram page too!
Terry Norris defeated sugar Ray Leonard! He is a former four-time world boxing champion, boxing Hall of Fame'r, 5x history maker. The story of his life beyond the ropes is a touching one. Please visit our website to learn more, thank you all for your support!

Meet the Business Owner

Tanya E. Norris N. Business Owner
Redefining Your Body, Accentuating Your Mind
For more than 20  years, Tanya's emphasis and dedication on helping her clients obtain, achieve, and maintain a healthy lifestyle has led to Tanya Norris Becoming one of the most prominent physical trainers and lifestyle coaches in Los Angeles. Her work speaks volumes in the wide variety of clients who seek her guidance. Her clientele ranges from stay-at-home Moms, Athletes, Celebrities, Super Models and Professionals: to name a few. Her simple yet successful training philosophy has resulted in her expertise being sought after. From appearances on Crunch Fitness on ESPN, SmartSolutions on HGTV, Us Weekly, Life & Style, Dr. 90210 and OWN/OprahTanya Norris is a tour-de-force in the world of fitness. Her philosophy is a simple one: Everyone's body is different, so, an individually tailored training program specifically geared towards long-lasting achievement is key 2 sustainable results. While other trainers employ a "mass production" approach

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