The art of 8 limbs. Widely considered the most effective standing martial art, Muay Thai gets it roots in Thailand. For centuries it has been used for both sport and combat, only making its' way to mainstream America in the last few decades. Upon the advent of such a brutally effective martial art making it's way into mainstream American sports, many Thai fighters opted to leave Thailand and teach here in the states. A few years ago a tournament was held, inviting the greatest practitioners of every martial art to come test their might against each other. That tournament was known as the UFC. The only two martial arts to survive that tournament were Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu. Now widely popular, the UFC owes most of it's exciting knockouts to practitioners of Muay Thai.
Many of our students and instructors have used Muay Thai to defend themselves. Often one can find them self in a situation that may result in an altercation, and there is nothing more effective in that situation than Muay Thai. We have trained countless soldiers, police officers, and government agents to use Muay Thai and they have praised it's effectiveness in both one on one combat and when targeted by multiple opponents.

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