Lead Instructor and owner of Yano Wing Chun, Michael Yano, has been a fan of all martial arts since birth.  He has studied many different styles, including Taekwondo, Capoeira, Sambo, Aikido, BJJ and more, but fell for Wing Chun as the love of his life.  Wing Chun is a philosophy of problem solving that teaches us how to be efficient and flow.  Moreover Wing Chun is the key to inner peace and success in life!


Mr. Yano explains that all the answers to your questions already exist right in front of you, but Wing Chun is the "pair of glasses" that allow you to see them.  You learn how to live confidently with answers in hand rather than confused and stressed with questions running your life.  Wing Chun is more than just how to fight, it is a way of life that can help anyone and everyone .

At Yano Wing Chun, principles of humility, discipline, and martial truth are heavily focused on.  While Mr Yano believes in his principles, he never forgets that you can't learn faster than when you're having fun.  So, whether you saw a Ip Man movie, or are just curious, or are an eager patron of the martial arts, find out what Wing Chun can do for you.

At Yano Wing Chun we have the program that will fit you.  We have classes SIX days a week with private training and seminars throughout the whole year.

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