4 - 6 years old
This class is specifically designed for the youngest of practitioners. Children are very open to positive reinforcement and at such young age, Jiu-Jitsu can serve greatly to instill a strong set of values.

From very early on, children will learn the three most important values that come with the practice of martial arts and three of the 6 Blades: Family, Discipline, and Respect. They will also be able to make new friends and spend a little of that extra energy they all have in a fun, controlled, and safe environment.

This class is available for children of all levels.

Benefits of this class:

Increases discipline
Increases focus
Improves balance and coordination
Able to learn Jiu-Jitsu fundamental techniques

7 - 9 years old
Our Peewee Warriors class provides a safe, clean martial arts environment that promotes self-confidence and builds discipline. At these ages, children crave structure, yet they want to also enjoy and have fun. This makes Jiu-Jitsu the perfect vehicle for children to learn many important life skills without too much pressure.

If your child is having trouble focusing at home or in school, is being picked on, or has more energy than you know how to handle, we are here to help!

This class is available for children of all levels.


Benefits of this class:

Increases discipline
Increases focus and attention
Improves social skills
Reinforcement of positive values (life skills)

10 - 12 years old
Our Junior Samurais class is designed for children entering their formative years.

The instructors place greater emphasis on the importance of discipline and structure, encouraging the students through positive reinforcement to extend what they learn in class to other areas of their life. Students will also learn many more advanced techniques to prepare them for competition, or even to join classes within our Adult Programs when they reach the proper age.​

This class is available for children of all levels

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  • Melissa Arbil
    January 26, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    After almost two COVIDY years of limited physical activity due to no real physical education being taught in the schools, park closures and ‘distance learning’ we had been searching for a healthy outlet for the boys. We started the boys with Erico at 925 Jiujitsu in November and we cannot be more pleased. Erico is an exceptional coach and mentor, the boys look up to him and want to make him proud. Erico provides them with discipline and structured learning that applies both inside the gym and outside; life lessons in manners, discipline, grit, effort, respect, and self-defense. Erico is not only building some great worriers on the mat but also in life. Our younger son Jackson really struggles with his self-confidence and sometimes holds back his real effort, Erico sees this and uses is incredible coaching skills to push Jackson. It is so rewarding to see Jackson’s face when he has realized he CAN do this. Our older son Sebastian has been training with Erico 5 days a week, and the few occasions we were not able to make it he was very disappointed. Our 11-year-old loves this training and this school so much he wants to be there EVERYDAY, and not every day is easy. I LOVE That. What better gift in todays crazy world can you give your child than the ability to protect themselves? Known as the gentle art you are not promoting striking or hitting but rather teaching them to be able to submit their aggressor, this is why Jiujitsu was excellent option for us.
    After watching the boys have all the fun for 3 months, I decided that this is a skill that will only improve my fitness, strength and my ability to protect myself. I took my first class on Monday; I can see why Sebastian is so hooked!! My husband and I both joined as well and are very excited to train as a family with Erico for many years to come. Thank you Erico!

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