Aikido is a unique and fascinating martial art that is practiced by men, women and children of all ages. Aikido teaches how to deal with attacks in a non-aggressive but effective manner, minimizing injury to the attacker.


The strategy of Aikido is to blend or harmonize with the attacker's energy and neutralize the attack. While extremely dynamic and powerful, the goal of Aikido is to seek peace in the face of conflict.
Training in Aikido cultivates the mind, body and spirit through discipline and sacrifice which is essential to any martial art. The philosophy of Aikido is that through rigorous training of these faculties, we may be able overcome the conflict within ourselves.
Aikido is a Budo and not a sport. Budo is a discipline and approach to life which elevates peace over conflict. The study of a budo tempers the spirit, mind and body without comparing yourself to others. Students trains to improve themselves as human beings, by constantly forging their own mind, body and spirit. The founder of Aikido, said that "Aikido is not for correcting others but for correcting your own mind."

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