AKF Athens Martial Arts takes pride in its top notch preschool martial arts program. Our Pre Kyuki-Do class covers the same basic material as the regular classes, but is paced appropriately for younger students. Designed especially for children in the 3-6 age range, this fun, introductory martial arts class teaches very basic martial arts techniques through the medium of structured physical games. The primary focus of the class is on helping young children learn how to follow rules and be polite and respectful while still having fun. If your preschooler has some excess energy that needs to be burned off, this is the place for it!

Best of all, our Pre Kyuki-Do class is family friendly. Mom and dad are encouraged to get on the mat and take an active role in their little one’s martial arts training. After all, the family that kicks together, sticks together!

The journey begins! The AKF Athens Basic Kyuki-Do Program creates a positive, challenging learning atmosphere for students with little to no previous martial arts experience. In the Basic Program you will learn Basic Kyuki-Do which includes stances, blocks, kicks and strikes, proper and safe falling techniques, and basic grab escapes. Each class will include physical conditioning where you will see improvement in coordination, strength and flexibility. The most important aspect of your training is our life skills curriculum where we learn respect, self-discipline, confidence and how to have a black belt attitude.

The Basic Program is a skill-based program that will lead you through the novice belts of Kyuki-Do, culminating in the rank of green stripe and preparing you for graduation into the more rigorous advanced Leadership Program.

To schedule a free introductory lesson and learn more about our Basic Program, please contact us at or call 706-353-7743.

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