Aikido is an embodied discipline taught as (1) a practical and positive way to handle aggression and conflict, and (2) a way to be with life more fully and creatively. It is both a martial art and an operating system for life.

Aikido is a modern evolution of Japanese martial arts in the tradition of Budo, and translates as “The way of unifying with life energy.”

You'll practice getting centered, connecting and blending with the energy of attack, and redirecting it in ways that are powerful, graceful, and sensible. Aikido is a complete path of personal development, and a non-competitive way to effectively work with ever-changing conditions, conflict, and stress.

Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, known to students of Aikido as "O-Sensei." O-Sensei developed Aikido as an expression of his inspiration—that martial arts can be a path for deepening our connection with all things, and a way of forging ourselves as more self-aware, effective, and free people in harmony with life.

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