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Hi, my name is Alexander. Finding a trainer that will hold you accountable in obtaining your goals and actually listens to you every step of the way is a game changer for your results. I believe in order for real changes to happen you need to trust your personal trainer. I ensure that you make the most efficient use of time spent in the gym and maximize your investment in training.

Helping people succeed with their fitness goals is the driving force for my motivation. I enjoy making client's workouts an enjoyable time instead of an intimidating event.

My focus with clients is more about quality and making sure that they exceed the results that they deserve with the hard work they put in.

Whether you're looking for weight loss, strength gain, or muscle rehab, I am here to teach you how to reach your goals and push you past them. I also have expertise in nutrition as well. Changing your relationship to food is easier than you think and I’m here to help you get there! Great bodies are made in the kitchen, as much as in the gym!

I provide expert guidance and support designed for your goals, on your schedule, in the comfort and privacy of your home or my personal gym.

Ready to change your relationship with your body and food for good?

What to Expect

Generally in the beginning process I like to find out where you are with your fitness level. Every single person is at a different place with their fitness journey. Finding that out through consultation will help us highlight strengths, weaknesses, medical concerns, and where you will be after our training together. After that is our first session which will be an assessment. We will go through basic movements to help us set up a plan and ensure we crush our goals together. The first few sessions are about setting you up for success and are the most important to your long term success. This is also when we make sure that form is correct to prevent injuries during working out. The main goal in the first few sessions is to make sure you aren't over doing it and being very sore for days to come. I will guide you through the process. After the first few sessions, once we set our base, is where the fun and progress will shine through. We will be mixing up training styles and techniques. I will be making sure we break through any plateaus that arise. Each session will last from 45 minutes to 60 minutes long.

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