We’re so happy to share our passion for fitness with you! You may know us from our dynamic and insanely cool Warner Robins Martial Arts School - but we saw a need for fitness minded folks to have a safe place to go, train, and meet new fit fiends in a motivating environment.
Imagine a place where you can feel confident the workouts are tailored to your needs. An environment where you don’t have to compete for sweaty gym equipment or feel like you’re on display. An environment built for you to release tension, get in amazing shape, and have a blast after dealing with your daily struggles.
Well, that’s us! We understand your need to be SUPPORTED and to get fit on your terms.
Whether you want to shed extra weight, tone up, or simply do something new and FUN we have programs suited for all levels. Especially beginners!
You’ll feel amazing and we’re so excited to be part of your positive life-changing fitness journey. Below are a few additional ways your life is about to get super-awesome with us. We’re here for you. You’ll be supported 100%. But you’ll also experience...

Working out is tough. Heck, picking out clothes in the morning can be tough - let alone changing lifelong habits for success! But it CAN be done. And we’re gonna help you.

But we won’t do it for you. Whether you want to get fitter or you’re in it to win it and become one of the world’s leaders in the fitness industry, trying something new is challenging both physically and mentally tough. you push yourself and listen to your instructors as they cheer you on...

You will get a HUGE SURGE OF CONFIDENCE! You’ll also get in amazing shape which brings along with it a positive body image, more pep in your step, and all the feel good feels of moving your body in an entirely new way.

Apexx Fitness is a family friendly fitness studio. We offer Fitness kickboxing classes for adults and Cash Class (intense 6 week fitness boot camp). At Apexx, you can reach your peak of health and fitness.


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