Discover just how powerful you really are in our TexasFITT kickboxing classes. You’ll kick, punch, and bob and weave as our high-energy instructors lead you through a mix of challenging boxing, Muay Thai, karate and strength-training moves set to upbeat music.

The high energy and aggressive movements of kickboxing class might seem intimidating at first, but they feel great when you do them — so jump in and give it a try! Kickboxing is also as much about mental conditioning as it is physical conditioning. So if you’ve been having a bad day, letting loose on an imaginary opponent is one of the very best ways to blow off that stress and improve your mood.

Come dressed to move. Anything that gives you free range of motion in both arms and legs is great. Don’t worry about buying boxing gloves or special shoes: Just wear sneakers that won’t stick to the floor when you change direction or move back and forth. When you’re not fighting off imaginary opponents, you’ll be squatting, doing pushups, and incorporating other moves that build as much strength and endurance as fighting savvy.

Good form is the key to avoiding injury in this sort of class, so pay close attention to the instructor and be conscious of not overextending or “snapping” your joints at the end of each movement. If you come a few minutes early and let them know you’re new in class, they’ll pay special attention to helping you get the form right.

Kickboxing is intense — that’s why it torches so many calories and is so great for reducing stress! But it can be adapted to suit any fitness level, so don’t be shy about letting the instructor know beforehand that you might want some examples of modifications for lower-impact moves. You’ll be a pro within a few classes, and there’s no better feeling than knowing that you came, you saw, you conquered — and you’ll be back to do it again at the next class.

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